The History

Many years ago, there was a student at Vohra who just couldn't learn vocabulary. The second he finished learning a new word, he would immediately forget it.

We tried quizzes, writing sentences and paragraphs with vocabulary words, every type of flash card available, and all the vocab books available. Nothing made any difference.

Finally, Arvin Vohra put his then rusty computer programming skills to work. He created an algorithm that would "adapt" to each student. It would repeat words more often when a student got a word wrong. Then, as the student became comfortable with a word, it would reappear at greater and greater intervals, forcing the word into long term memory. That was the beginning of the Synapse applications. 

It was basically a nuclear level solution to a nuclear level problem.

Improvements and Expansion

In the intervening years, we've improved that program. The algorithm itself has undergone massive revisions to make it both friendly and relentless. While the original was on a CD-ROM, today Vocabulary Synapse can be found on Google Play and iTunes. Many Vohra students and others play Vocabulary Synapse on their phones, while sitting in the car, waiting in line, or whenever they have a few minutes free.

Today, we also have Synapse apps for Biology, U.S. History, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Latin, Flags of the World, Multiplication, and other areas. 

If you hate memorization, you'll love synapse. It takes all the effort out of memorization. While you click on multiple choice answers, the system adapts to you, pushing information into your brain. That's why we call Synapse "The Easiest Way to Learn."

You can test out free versions of many Synapse apps before you decide whether or not to buy the full version. Browse all our apps here: iTunes or Google Play.

Try It Out

Below you will find a link to the trial version of our Vocabulary Synapse program. You can check it out and see how it works!

Play Synapse