If you're doing SAT training, you have two options.

  1. Fixed Goal

    In this approach, you do the full training program, putting in whatever amount of time you need in order to get that done. The goal is fixed: completing our SAT training checklist, then taking the test, then doing additional, free training if needed.

    This is the stronger approach, and is backed by our 1500+ guarantee.

  2. Fixed time

    In this option, you indicate how much time you are willing to spend on SAT training. We get through whatever we can in that time. You may not see any score improvement if you choose this method.

    This approach doesn't come with a guarantee. However, our program is very front-weighted. That means we do the most significant things first. If you only have a total of 10 hours to spend, the best place you can spend them is at Vohra Method.

    A fixed time approach is obviously less effective than a fixed goal approach. However, if that's all you have time for, then do that.


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Group Class:

Private Tutoring:
$200/hr with Founder Arvin Vohra or Managing Director Chelsey Snyder
$100/hr with other Vohra Elite Tutors

Wait, why can't I do both?

Hurry Up Time.jpg

Fixed time says, "I will spend x hours, and then stop."
Fixed goal says, "I will take as long as needed to get this done."

What if you combine the two, and say, "I'll finish this task in x hours."? Isn't that the best of both worlds?

No. Combining the two creates a high-stress, high-anxiety, "Hurry-up Time."

In all our years of tutoring, we have never seen even ONE student do well on Hurry-up Time. In fact, the more students rush, the slower they progress. The more they rush, the more they forget material and have to relearn it 2 or 5 or even 20 times. Rushing causes such a high level of stress in students that they accomplish next to nothing. There are occasionally very minor short term gains, and never any long term gains at all.

At Vohra Method, we don't change our curriculum based on impending deadlines. We have tried it several times; countless students have asked us to rush the process along. Every single time we have allowed it, the student does worse on the test than their initial score before they came to work with us. This is never what parents want, and it’s not what we want for our students. So, we made a very strict policy that we will never rush our curriculum along or skip ahead ever again.

However, many of our students do find success from simply continuing the curriculum as it is and then stopping whenever they reach their financial limits, or whenever they take the test. Students who do that actually do see some increase in score. Sometimes the score increase is substantial; sometimes it's less than desired. But, it's far better than the decreased scores that result from rushing or skipping ahead.

The Upper Limit

For SAT Group Class training, we put in a upper limit on cost at 400 hours. In other words, the most you will have to pay for is 400 hours of SAT group class training.

That said, your training might take much longer. But even if your SAT training takes 5000 hours, you only pay for the first 400.

Almost no student gets anywhere close to 400 hours. However, we put that cap in place for the peace of mind of our clients.


Becoming an Expert

Light Bulb Awesome.png

According to Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Fortunately, at Vohra we can make you an SAT expert a lot quicker than that! Our program covers literally years of math and verbal skill building faster than most educational "experts" consider possible. 

Vohra Method SAT

SAT Math: Approx. 30 hours.
SAT Reading: Approx. 40 hours.
SAT Essay (optional): Approx. 15 hours.

If you are very focused and intense, you might actually finish much quicker. If you are the opposite, it will take much longer. 

Note that these are not guaranteed times by any stretch of the imagination. If we need to fix major gaps, or if you forget material quickly, it will take much longer. There is no upper limit to how long the program can take. It's just however long it takes for you to complete the checklist, which can be found here.

What Can Negatively Impact Training Time?

Level of focus is the single most likely thing to affect training time. If you are listening to music during class, for example, expect the length of training time to triple, at least. If you are being interrupted by family members (including parents) frequently, expect it to double. If you are being distracted by chat messages, multiply training time by 5. If you're watching videos or TV in the background, you may never finish.

Our problems are very challenging. They are designed to push your brain past its current limits. They will require 100% of your ability. If you give one of our problems 100%, you'll probably figure it out in 30 minutes or so. If you give it 90%, it will probably take a month. 

Vohra Method isn't magic. It's well designed, intelligently targeted, hard work. But when you are trying to get top 1% scores, a bare minimum necessity is top 1% focus. 


Below is a breakdown of the phases of our program. These phases apply both to reading and math. They can give you a slightly better idea of how your time is broken down. The total required time, as you can see, can vary greatly based on skill and needs.


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