Task Focus vs. Skill Focus: The Vohra Method Advantage

At Vohra Method, we know that writing a college essay isn’t completing a task; it’s developing a skill. It’s like learning algebra. When you learn algebra, you don’t just learn how to answer to one specific problem. You learn skills that allow you to solve a limitless number of problems.

With the college essay writing skills you learn at Vohra Method, you will be able to write a brilliant college essay on any topic. Whether you’re “writing a letter” to your future Stanford roommate, explaining to Harvard why you want to attend the most prestigious college in the world, writing a random page of your autobiography for the University of Pennsylvania, or telling Brown why you are interested in the Open Curriculum, you’ll be able to produce one clever essay after another. Each of your essays will have your own personal style, and will sound completely different from any other student (including other Vohra Method students!)

Most of our competitors don’t think the way we do. Instead, they just encourage you to become dependent on them while they mass produce nearly identical essays. While we “teach you to fish”, they “give you a fish”. Unfortunately, the fish they give you are stale and insipid.


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For college strategy, the earlier you start, the more likely it is you'll get into your first choice college, even if it's a "reach" school.

Rising Seniors must start before June 30th.

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When to Start College Strategy

The first time you solved an equation was probably harder than the 500th time you solved a similar equation. Similarly, your first few essays and exercises will be the hardest. But, it gets easier and easier. Some of our students get so good, they end up experimenting with several main essays in order to find the best one. They’re so good at writing essays, they can just write another one or two and compare!


If you start at the beginning of your Junior year…

We will teach you how to take advantage of your college counselor questionnaire. This is a critically important step that many students miss! More on that in this video.

If you start at the beginning of high school…

We can help you avoid the common mistakes that most people make in their extracurricular activities. We will help you choose the things that will actually give you an advantage for college.

If you start in 7th grade…

  • We will have the time to make you an academic superstar. School will be a breeze for you.

  • You’ll take all of your SAT and AP tests early so you won’t need to stress about them at all.

  • We’ll teach you how to pick your extracurricular activities in order to stand out and get into college. More on that in this video.

  • You’ll build your college essay skills over time, so the college application process will be easy for you.

Rising Seniors must start before June 30th.

If you have just finished your Junior year of high school, you need to do a few things immediately.

  • Cancel any major plans you have for the summer.

  • Get started on college essay training right away. You must start before June 30th.

  • Plan to attend a minimum of 10 hours of college essay classes or tutoring per week.

  • If you have ever struggled in reading or writing, plan for a minimum of 20 hours of college essay classes or tutoring each week.

We can still build the skills you need for success, but it will take a heavy time commitment and an intense psychological commitment to the process.

Click below to learn more about our College Essay curriculum and program, or to find out about our extensive Medical School Application process.

Things to Know

Ruthless Strategy

Your application needs an insightful, memorable essay and a surprising extracurricular resume. It could also benefit from a few tricks and tips we've learned in a decade of helping students get into the Ivy League.

Unlike your school counselors, we don't play nice, or play by traditional rules. We use outside-the-box strategies to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. And we get results.


Why do emeralds cost more than water, even though water is essential to life? Because emeralds are rare.

Many students' applications are not rare. They are full of the same AP scores and research internships as everyone else's. Their essay sounds just like every other essay ever written. At Vohra, we make your application unforgettable, a rare emerald in a sea of monotony.

Your School is Not Your Friend

School Counselors have you target lower level schools. This increases your chance of getting in to your "first choice", and improves your school's statistics. Of course, it's not your real first choice.

At Vohra, we set our targets high, and use the strategies that get you in to your true, first choice school.

Stand out. Get in.